1) We are able to maintain our staff longer and that’s the key to our success.

• We provide an attractive low-attrition stay bonus to employees.

Under this scheme whenever we hire someone, we decide Stay Bonusup on a particular percentage (up to 30%) of their salary that’s accumulated every month for an agreed up on number of months (in addition to their regular pay). The sum of money that gets accumulated under this scheme is provided to the resource at the end of the lock in period (which typically ranges from 2 – 3 years) as stay bonus. In order to be eligible for the stay bonus, an employee is required to continue working with us for the lock in period.

If the person had decided to leave Notetech Software any time during their initial 36 months, they’d have had to part with their stay bonus.

This encourages staying longer with Notetech Software. It has been seen that most employees stay much longer than their lock in period.

• We’ve such a contract with employees, which significantly reduces our attrition rate.

Whenever we assign someone either for a client or on a project, we sign a contract with the particular employee that restricts their freedom to resign during the project. This contract has been tried and tested for more than a decade and has proved itself to be one of the most influencing factors behind the success of our projects.

• Our recruitment process

Literally, it’s very stringent and lengthy. The main criterion in selecting our resources is their logical and technical skills, such that only the very best get on-board.

The management team of Notetech Software were once hard-core programmers. So they very well know how to set winning and long term teams towards the success of a product.

We make sure that the key resources of a project are retained for its entire life cycle.

• Cordial working atmosphere

Last but not the least, the Notetech facility is one of the best places to work at in perhaps the entire South India. Unlike most other contemporary software organizations, we don’t believe in maintaining undue work pressure on employees, provided they meet their deadlines. In other words, our resources are free to virtually do anything (such as relaxation in working hours, etc.) as long as they’re able to keep their clients happy with timely delivery of quality output. This helps create a very cordial atmosphere which promotes innovative thoughts, the basic building blocks of great software.