In the year 2009, Google developed a new open-source programming language based on C. This language is called the Go technology, which is preferred by developers in general. Since its development, Go, or GoLang as we call it, has been getting a lot of attention across the world. GoLang is known to be a big trend in the US, and colossal companies like Google, Microsoft, Meta, etc. have been running on GoLang. One will find GoLang to be immensely helpful while carrying out outsourcing services for a client. An experienced offshore software outsourcing provider in US can make use of this technology to provide fast, efficient, and well-scaled services. We will now look into the top advantages of GoLang and discover what makes GoLang the go-to language for developers:

 It’s Fast

When compared to other languages like Java, Python, etc., GoLang has proven to be faster while ensuring enhanced availability and reliability of services. So, this is one of the reasons why the best software outsourcing companies in US, UK, and other parts of the world choose GoLang as the preferred language. The reason why it is faster is that it compiles directly to the machine code without the use of any interpreter. Programs based on GoLang are known to be super fast, making IT outsourcing companies in US deliver apex services.

 It’s Concurrent

Most of the languages available do not have this concurrency feature. GoLang supports both Android and iOS, and the application written in GoLang can be directly launched. This makes GoLang concurrent enough. Because of this feature, Go is the most popular option adopted by the best software outsourcing companies in US. In the modern software development system, there is a need to execute independent pieces of code at the fastest pace possible. The overall flow of the programme must not be affected by this, and it’s possible only through GoLang. 

 It’s Scalable

Selecting the right programming language for a project is often determined by its scalability. There is no reason for users to be stuck in the future when the app needs to add new features. Scalability is one of the benefits of Golang. It allows for the simultaneous execution of multiple functionalities. You can use Golang in the future for a longer period when you choose it. An experienced offshore software provider in US would choose GoLang for its ability to provide scalability making it a great choice for web development projects.

 It’s Easy to Learn

One doesn't have to spend months learning this language. Even if it is a beginner, they will be able to grasp the syntax quickly. Experienced programmers find it easier to use compared to other languages as the code structure in Golang resembles that of C. In GoLang, learners don't have to deal with complex variables or syntax. In addition, once they have a handle on the basics of this language, it is much easier to solve issues. This is why the IT outsourcing companies in US and other regions do not hesitate to take up a new offshore project. Building teams with GoLang developers is quite easy and ensures remarkable results. 

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By Notetech - Content Writer

Published : June 15, 2022