Our Process

Throughout the engagement cycle, from the initial analysis to production operations, we ensure that our capabilities and expertises are combined in the optimal way with our clients’ team, and that our clients have full transparency into the intellectual property and innovations we develop.


We Love To Work & We Love Where We Work

We believe quality will follow if we do what we love, so we’ve seen that it happened again and again. Customers are really excited about our passion based services just because we concerned with quality products and long lasting customer relationship. Notetech impart a great predominance to Employee empowerment, this is an essential function of our organization. As for the empowerment we provide special training programs and events to cultivate knowledge to act wisely. It’s inevitable for our employees to take right decisions at crucial situations.

We provide periodical free training program for most of our employees to make them learn new skills and make them suitable enough to handle situation amicably. Our highly skilled trainers persistently constant training to modulate employees to our desired concept.This makes us attain our core competence.

Intake and Selection

  • Our hiring process is based on the principle that 99% of work for the managers will be over, if the right resources are hired.
  • We check if the resource has any hobbies which is time consuming and effects the work .
  • We check the logical & problem solving skills.
  • We check if the resource will be a long term employee and avoid job hoppers

Get Aquainted

  • We check if the resource will be a long term employee and avoid job hoppers
  • Client gets one month to evaluate the resources.
  • It is the foundation for continued success – yours and ours.
  • Provide continuous training and support


Dedicated Team in a Dedicated well equipped space

In today’s world of growing business needs, the organization’s ability to manage the business efficiently solely depends on the IT infrastructure. The IT infrastructure should be flexible enough and future-proofed to adapt to constant changes in the business objectives and it has to meet the demand of each and every user relying on it.

To cater to these needs, an organization requires a trusted, technically superlative, expertise infrastructure management specialists and Notetech, a renowned infrastructure management firm hold such specialists.

Notetech has setup a highly secured infrastructure with the help of modern hardware and software applications which provides you a highly secured platform.


Entry to serverAdminz premises is restricted using biometric access control.

Facility is under video surveillance 24×7.

Client information is stored in the internal KB server which can be accessed only from private network.


Two Leased Line Internet Connectivity with 100 Mbps backup broadband and wireless connection.

Highly secured network infrastructure with Cyberroam hardware firewall.

Best-of-breed router and server equipments.

Strict Agreement Terms

Today, the world wide web processes tones of private data we openly share. Sure, building trust with each other is crucial for healthy relationships. We come across in such a contract that protects negative experiences such as stolen ideas, plagiarism, or privacy policy violation. The same fears come up when you plan to execute your software business project. 

Often, companys use outside services for web development, design, and quality assurance. In order protect your company, we will engage in legal ways. We ensure to sign a Masters agreement followed by SOW, NDA, and SLA with proper protection for both the companies. 

We lay the foundation for subsequent project-specific agreements. An terms lends security to the information you share and ensures that the same page about terms of collaboration. These documents regulate the partnership on a large scale, without ties to the project’s detailed scope of work. 

NDA Terms

Through our NDA, the confidential information documentation like ideas, source code, software, copyrights, trade secrets, patents, passwords, and any other intellectual property interests are protected. Apart from signing the NDA with the clients, we also have an NDA that's signed by the respective employees working on the project. It also defines the possible M&A transaction and includes a covenant requiring the confidential information to be “used solely for the purpose of evaluation of a possible transaction”, or words to that effect.


SLA Terms

Our SLA defines the level of service expected by our customer, laying out the metrics by which that service is measured, and the remedies or penalties, if any, should the agreed-on service levels not be achieved. It is clearly state metrics, responsibilities and expectations so that, in the event of issues with the service, neither party can plead ignorance. It ensures both sides have the same understanding of requirements. It will provide an ongoing reporting mechanism for measuring the expected performance standards.

Longterm Engagement

To make sure you have the best possible experience, we only connect you to partners who fit your exact needs. We’ll check to see that they have comprehensive experience of your niche, and are experts in the services, technologies and applications used by your business. We’ll also take care to find you developers who are a fit in terms of budgets, working methods, time zones, and so on. With our extensive pool of talent agencies, our partners cover almost every vertical in IT services segment.  We go back a long way with most of our partners and ensures to provide the resource within the timeline set by out terms and requirement, so we trust them to deliver you the precise and dedicated software development services you deserve. Our expertise and experience are a crucial part of our ongoing success. We’d love to dig deep into the details and figure out the best path for you. And with our IT background, we’ve been through the same difficulties as you in the search for reliable nearshore/offshore development talent.

Transparent Pricing

We break down the price of software development services needs, the landscape is anything but transparent. This is one of the reasons many customers trust us. They hear the full truth about pricing. We are fully confident that our transparency won’t disadvantage us at all. We know what our services — and the quality of our results — are worth, and we know how to explain our unique value to our potential customers.

Online 24/7/365

We will be always at your service, 24/7/365. Our work first priority will be customers satisfaction and we work for satisfaction and good relationship with our customers. You’ll always receive speedy technical assistance from a group of highly skilled individuals. We will assign a dedicated line to your team (based on your region) so that you can get in touch with your team using mobiles or landlines.