How to Hire the Best Offshore Developers for Your Project in 2021

IT outsourcing is, by far, the most cost-effective and flexible means of software development. If you have faced at least one of the challenges mentioned in our previous blog, then outsourcing is the most viable solution for you. IT outsourcing has compelling benefits but, it also comes with certain challenges. The biggest challenge is to find and onboard the right IT partner. It is even more tedious in an offshore outsourcing model. But the higher the risk, the better returns you get.

Now, how can we hire the best offshore developers in 2021?

Here are some cues you should look for:

#1 Check the company’s proficiency and track record

Before you begin the search for IT outsourcing companies, identify the areas of expertise for which you need support. If you have developed a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) already, you will not need an entire battalion of software developers to scale it. According to your requirement and product maturity, list down the skillset and proficiency levels.

Conduct interviews to assess the offshore developers’ competencies. Ask them questions based on real-life scenarios and see how they would tackle them. A technical screening is mandatory to evaluate their proficiency and decide whether they fit the requirement.

The next step is to analyze the credibility and reliability of the IT outsourcing company. Learn more about the company’s history, vision, and mission. Review their project portfolio to understand their experience in the industry and also, verify whether they have previously worked in your vertical. Read client testimonials and reviews on top software company review websites.   

#2 Learn more about their workflow and quality assurance process

Software development ethics and practices are crucial in deciding the fate of your outsourcing journey. Enquire about their software development methodology and practices. Lately, most organizations prefer an Agile model because of its transparency and effectiveness. Also, check their current workflow on how they allocate and utilize resources for each project. This will help you understand how experienced the team is w.r.t IT outsourcing and project management.

Ask for details regarding their code sharing and access control procedure. It is important that once is engagement is complete, all the latest code and tool access should be transferred back to you, leaving no trace behind. Another important aspect is quality assurance and software testing. Check the software testing methods and tools used by the team to ensure quality standards.

#3 Understand what pricing model suits your requirement

The basic rule while shortlisting IT outsourcing companies is not to go behind the cheapest option. Once you decide on the budget, research the type of cost model that would be suitable for your requirement. There are different types of pricing models in outsourcing such as the Fixed Pricing (FP) model, Staffing model, and so on. If you want to hire offshore developers and manage them on your own, a staffing or time and material model will be the best option for you. Likewise, there is a pricing model for each type of outsourcing requirement. The trick is to select the most efficient one for your project and reap benefits out of it without exhausting your budget and motivation.

What to Do After You Hire the Best Offshore Developers

To retain the best talent in the industry, you should meet their expectations. Micromanagement is not the key, but effective collaboration is important. Find out ways to adjust the time zone difference and communicate with the geographically distributed dream on a daily basis. Share your product vision and help them under the bigger picture behind the idea. Set clear and do-able goals.  And most importantly, treat your offshore developers as your extended arm towards achieving your vision.

By Notetech - Content Writer

Published : June 13, 2022