IT Outsourcing and Canada as a Capable Market

Canada tops the list of favourites when it comes to outsourcing for the United States. Being rich in talented brains, Canada has always been the first choice in nearshore outsourcing. However, Canada too takes the help of outsourcing, especially from India where the talent pool is much bigger and diverse. Software outsourcing in Canada is not a new thing, but before going into the various attributes of the outsourcing preferences of Canada, we can elucidate on the reasons why Canada is preferred as the best nearshore outsourcing country. 

Canada- The Best Pick for Nearshore Outsourcing

For America and the countries nearby, Canada is the best pick for nearshore outsourcing. America has been filling the talent gap through IT outsourcing which has been increasing by 3.2% and so since 2018. The prominent reasons why Canada has been the best outsourcing country for the US is of course because of its proximity and the amazing pool of tech savvy workforce. Some of the other reasons are listed as:

  • Language Similarity
  • Education 
  • Lower Costs
  • Similar Time Zones

The tech augmentation has been thriving producing the best nearshore outsource development in Canada.

So, now that we know that the workforce in Canada is skilled enough to assist businesses in software development, why do some companies in Canada outsource their IT development projects to offshore outsourcing companies? We will find out now:

Offshore Software Development in Canada

Canadian businesses outsource their software development projects to India and the Philippines. The most prominent reasons for the Canadian businesses to outsource in these countries are:

  • Economy
  • Innovation
  • Global Networking

Outsource development in Canada through these countries has benefitted not just the businesses but the country in general. This is because the offshore outsourcing countries get sustainable business efficiency through these companies, all thanks to the offshore software development firms.

 As per the reports from 2021, many more companies from Canada are relying on offshore software development outsourcing. This as a result helps in growing the economy of both Canada and the offshoring countries by extending the possibilities of global networking. Outsourcing is now a legitimate business tool that promises better results and ROI. 

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By Notetech - Content Writer

Published : June 21, 2022