Why Golang is Popular Among Software Outsourcing Companies in 2021?

As more organizations are opting to outsource software development, the IT world is witnessing a gradual shift in the choice of the technology stack. Unlike the earlier times, organizations are no longer skeptical about hyped programming languages.

Go, known as Golang popularly, is one of the most popular programming languages lately. Golang, invented in the year 2007, is a high-performance language that has made life simpler for freelance developers and software development companies across the world. 

Golang: Then and Now

Since its inception, Golang has been the talk of the town due to its simplicity and robustness. As the language mimics the core features of the C language, many developers found it easy to learn and implement. Not only did it overcome the challenges posed by other programming languages, but it also captured the best features of the existing languages.

In a Stack Overflow Survey conducted in 2018, Golang ranked in the fifth position. Since then, Golang has been witnessing an overall growth rate of about 8%. Thus, Golang has slowly but steadily established its footprint in the programming world over recent years.

To cite a popular use case of Golang, Salesforce is the perfect example. In 2017, Salesforce chose Go over Python for Einstein Analytics. And this transition of Salesforce, indeed, caught the attention of many people in the IT domain. It’s not every day a renowned software company would decide to ditch Python over go.

Even popular DevOps tools such as Docker and Kubernetes are written in Golang. Joe Beda, the co-founder of Kubernetes, says that no other language is as competitive as the Golang. In comparison to the other languages, they find a lot of advantages with Golang w.r.t libraries, tools, concurrency, and a lot more. The Kubernetes team has been on the Golang bandwagon since then.

The Verdict

Another reason for the popularity of Golang can be attributed to its founding team, Google. As the tool is offered by the tech giant, most companies find it reliable and worth a try. It is no doubt that the team has done a commendable job w.r.t simplicity and maturity. Most software outsourcing companies in Canada and other parts of the world prefer Golang for its minimalistic nature. As it’s a compiled language, Golang also offers some incredible speeding advantages.

Golang is here to stay for a long time. In the coming years, we will see its adoption among several other pioneers in different verticals. The Go community is growing day by day, and its future looks on the brighter side definitely.

By Notetech - Content Writer

Published : April 01, 2022